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  • Poem - Daniel Boyacigolu
  • Who is an Aramean?
  • The Syriac People and its Identity
  • Interview – Prof. Dr. Sebastian Brock
  • Shooting: 1st KIFÅ Magazine Symposium
  • How Germans Conceived the Identity of the Syriac-Orthodox Church of Antioch
  • The Linguistic Identity of the Arameans
  • A Church Father - Johannes Bar Aphtonia
  • Recipe - Baba Ghannouj
  • Poem - Daniel Boyacigolu

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The views of others – Kifå #10

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Martin Tamcke describes in his article, the historical perspective of the Germans on the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch.This exciting vision allows the Arameans / Syrians to consider their self a little bit from the outside. This perspective seems to be very helpful to approach his identity.

Interview: Sebastian P. Brock – Kifå #10

We approached the theme of identity during the interview with Prof. Dr.Sebastian P. Brock by using one of the most largest church fathers: Mor Efrem. His works seem endless for the Syriac Orthodox Church and their poeple (Arameans/Syriacs). His works characterize just as well the identity of the oldest church of the human awareness.

Who am I? – Kifå #10

This question is probably on of those that every young Aramean/Syriac who is living in the diaspora, have been faced with several times. Prof.Dr. Werner Arnold describes in a very structured way who an Aramean/Syriac is. Certainly this article will contribute to come a bit closer to its own identity.

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