Kifå Magazine directly to your mailbox

Kifå Magazine offers you a different look at topics such as culture, art, people, religion and sport. We offer subscriptions to our interested readership consisting of six consecutive issues for only 30,- EUR (excluded are the postal charges). Furthermore, you are able to reorder older already published issues as long as they are in stock.
A few days after your order you will receive a confirmation mail with further information as well as our bank account data. Upon receipt of the above mentioned amount at the given account we will deliver the desired issues.


With Kifå Magazine #7 we are now able to supply English-speaking regions. The previously published issues are only available in Swedish and German.


Kifå #1 (+5EUR)
Kifå #2 (+5EUR)
Kifå #3 (+5EUR)
Kifå #4 (+5EUR)
Kifå #5 (+5EUR)
Kifå #6 (+5EUR)
Kifå #7 (+5EUR)
Kifå #8 (+5EUR)
Kifå #9 (+5EUR)