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Kifamagazine.com is a platform for the “Kifå Magazine”, which is a European Magazine with an Aramean/Syrian background. Our concern lies primarily with the transportation of elements of Aramean/Syrian culture and their identity. Kifå usually comes out every two months and every issue is dedicated to a particular topic.

But what sets apart the high-polished “Kifå Magazine” from other previously published magazines? We attempt to find a balance between the old, traditional Aramean/Syrian history of the Euphrates and Tigris area (Beth-Nahrin/Mesopotamian) and the modern lifestyle of the diaspora. With the help of various categories such as culture, religion, people, and sport we seek to find answers. There is also the possibility to order individual issues of the magazine or to commit to a one-year subscription. With Kifå Magazine #7 we are now able to supply English-speaking regions. The previously published issues are available in Swedish and German.


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